Untold Research is happy to provide you with all types of research and consulting services, but we can’t provide an exhaustive list of what we can do because we design each project according to your unique needs, so here are a few examples...



Reaching the right people is just as important as asking the right questions. Whether you’re a candidate looking for approval ratings or message testing among voters, an organization measuring public opinion to inform an issue campaign or drive strategy, or an association wanting to take the temperature of your membership, Untold Research listens and thoughtfully crafts a custom methodology that meets your needs and accomplishes your goals.



Untold Research believes when we all do better -- we all do better. By tangibly demonstrating the value your organization or program brings to the community/democracy/
society/globe, you can attract more support, enabling you to do more of what you do best – create change. Untold Research can help identify areas of opportunity for capturing this data and turn it into metrics clients and donors will love.



We can comb through the madness and deliver valuable findings from even the most scattered of datasets. Whether we’re providing a fresh set of eyes on an underutilized dataset or marrying collected data from across your organization to draw new conclusions, Untold Research can help uncover stories that haven’t yet been told.

Look how we customized a methodology in order to deliver El Salvador’s first truly representative survey on abortion rights