Research needs come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we think creatively about how to combine methodologies and practices to best help you meet your goals. Don’t think of the list below as a menu from which to choose so much as a bunch of ingredients we’ll use to design your study.



Listening Session

We’ll spend as much time as needed listening to uncover and understand your organization’s needs. From here, we’ll develop an action plan we can all stand behind.

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Odds are you already have a topic in mind you would like to explore, but if you don’t, an Ideation session will help focus ideas into a research question or questions worth exploring.

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Focus Groups

These can be enlightening for all involved -- researchers, clients, and participants! People love sharing their opinions, especially when they know their answers are valued. Whether we use focus groups to develop a questionnaire, test messages, or gather qualitative data for other uses, we’ll work with you to craft a discussion guide that will meet the study’s objectives. If you want, you can even tag along and watch from behind the scenes...which usually ends up being our clients’ favorite part.

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In-depth Interviews (IdI)

Isn’t this just a smaller focus group? Not really. One-on-one conversations yield more in-depth information without the risk of other influences affecting participant responses. Furthermore, some topics and roles are just not conducive to focus groups (think: technical roles or obscure topics) -- they’re also cheaper! We’ll take the time to prepare big picture questions and know how to gather the information needed to get the answers you’ll find most helpful.

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Once upon a time, it was all about paper surveys mailed to your house, then it moved to interviews by phone, and now, it seems online surveys are all the rage. We believe each method has its own, unique function and we're not afraid to go old school, if needed. Of course, a survey is only as good as the questions it asks -- we’ll combine our research expertise with your content knowledge to design surveys in a way that reveals answers beyond the stated questions.


Message Testing

Assuming you know what your audience is thinking or how they will react to an idea is the first step down the wrong path. Poorly communicated messages are effectively not communicated at all. Message testing can help you see what type of messages resonate most with your audience, what words or phrases cause confusion, and who is respected as a messenger. What better way to develop effective language than by asking members of your target audience?

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We couldn’t call ourselves a research firm if we did not analyze all this amazing data. We’ll use the appropriate statistical techniques to explore and make sense of things - transforming all those 1’s and 0’s into themes, conclusions, and stories worth telling.



The value of any research is limited by the ability to clearly and accurately tell its story, making effective delivery of your research-driven message is just as important as the research itself. Whether it’s a written report or white paper, PowerPoint deck, infographic, interactive data visualization, a communication strategy, or any other mode, Untold Research packages findings in ways that are easily understood by audiences with varying degrees of familiarity with the topic (and research!). We have extensive experience distilling and presenting research so your message shines through, taking you one step closer to reaching your goals.