DCPS Principal Survey

The D.C. Auditor asked Untold Research to investigate DCPS principals’ thoughts and experiences with high school students graduating without actually satisfying the grade and attendance requirements. A mixed-method study was designed; the survey explored the prevalence of pressures among DCPS principals to inflate or pad student records, feelings about the level of support provided by the Central Office, and thoughts about ways to improve current processes and practices across the District. The survey was followed up with in-depth interviews of principals at each grade level to understand their experiences and thoughts in greater detail.

Reproductive rights

survey reveals that Dominicans favor decriminalizing abortion in three situations

According to the results of a National Survey published in July 2018 in Santo Domingo, a large majority of Dominicans are in favor of decriminalizing abortion when a woman’s life or health is at risk, in the case of a non-viable pregnancy as well as when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.


Abortion in El Salvador

A nationally-representative survey among El Salvadorian voters to measure public opinion regarding the current ban on abortion.


Emergency contraception in Honduras

A series of ten focus groups and a nationally-representative survey among Hondurans exploring their knowledge, thoughts, and feelings on legal access and wide-spread availability of emergency contraception.

Vulnerable populations

Senior center in Washington D.C.

Conducted a visitor satisfaction survey to identify if the services and classes provided align with the needs and desires of the seniors; built a custom database to track the impact visitor engagement has on overall senior health